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Uma das razões/poemas porque gosto de Ranjit Hoskoté

Effects of Distance
for Nancy

Call it providence if the day should turn
upon its hinges, letting light colonize
this empire of jars and shutters, this room.
A telegram on the rack spells hands that burn
because you did not reply, did not realise
that some words are too proud to remind you they came.

Blue is the colour of air letters, of conquerors’ eyes.
Blue, leaking from your pen, triggers this enterprise.
Never journey far from me; and, if you must,
find towpaths, trails; follow the portents fugitives trust
to guide them out and back. And at some fork,
pause; and climbing in twilight though you may be,
somewhere, address this heart’s unease,
this heart’s unanswered wilderness.

in Ranjit Hoskoté, Vanishing Acts: New and Selected Poems 1985-2005, Penguin Books, p. 63 

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